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Welcome to the completely redesigned Ledford Family ancestry website!

Welcome to the NEW Ledford Family website. The purpose of this site is to store and share information specifically relating to research of ancestry on the Ledford family. There will be a section devoted to family research through official records, a section for posting your pictures to share with other members, a message board for contacting members and sharing information, and a section for announcements.

The Ledford family has a rich heritage that extends back hundreds of years. Our legacy has been recorded in official records, books, family Bibles, and stories passed down from generation to generation. There are many websites devoted to general ancestry but this website is specifically devoted to the Ledford family and its direct ancestors. This information should be shared before it is lost forever. Only through your participation will members of this family continue to learn about their history, and in turn, about themselves.

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  • Updated the message boards to a newer version.

  • Moved to a new host with more storage space and faster bandwidth.

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